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Video Mantis

A school focused on bridging the gap between students and professionals and creating better synergy on set.

Recording Better Interview Audio

Unlock the secrets of crystal-clear interview audio with our comprehensive course. Dive into the world of professional sound recording, where you'll learn the intricacies of capturing pristine dialogue. We cover everything from microphone placement to the subtle art of managing ambient noise, ensuring your interviews sound as engaging as the stories they tell. Perfect for podcasters, journalists, and video producers aiming to elevate their audio game.

How to Wire Talent

Step into the spotlight with confidence in your ability to wire talent for flawless sound. Our expert-led course guides you through the nuanced process of using lavalier microphones to achieve unobtrusive and high-quality audio capture for film, television, or stage. Discover techniques for hiding mics, reducing rustle, and ensuring your talent is heard without distractions. Ideal for sound technicians and media professionals looking to master the skill of seamless audio integration.

Soldering 101

Gain a valuable and cost-saving skill with our Soldering 101 course. Learn the fundamentals of soldering to maintain and repair your audio equipment, potentially saving thousands of dollars over your career. This hands-on training will take you from the basics of joint soldering to intricate circuit board repairs. It's a must-have skill for any audio professional, from musicians to sound engineers, who want to ensure their gear is always in top condition.