Don't just record sound... Capture the performance!

Thomas Popp, Production Sound Mixer & Educator of 20 Years

Past Clients:

What I Do

Whether you’re seeking answers to your audio questions or require expert sound design for your next project, I’m here to tune into your needs with bespoke solutions. With two decades of industry experience, I offer a symphony of services that range from detailed consultations to full-scale production sound. Let’s hit the right notes together for your audience.

I Record.

Harnessing pristine sound with meticulous detail, I capture your project’s audio essence, ensuring every recording resonates with clarity and depth.

I Speak.

As a speaker, I translate my two decades of sound expertise into engaging learning experiences, sharing industry secrets that empower and educate.

I Write.

My books and courses are conduits for sharing a lifetime of sound knowledge, crafted to enhance your skills and enrich your audio projects.

Need Advice?

Working on a project and need advice on how to capture the production sound properly? Ask away!

My E-Books & Courses

Over the past 15 years, I have always did my best to write down processes and procedures to help others in the forms of books & full length courses. You can check them out at


Thomas Popp stands out in the sound industry. His approach isn’t just technical; it’s an art that captures the heart of every performance. Working with him brings a unique blend of professionalism and creativity that elevates not only the audio but the entire production experience. He’s not just recording sound—he’s crafting a vibrant, auditory journey that truly complements the narrative.

Barry Andersson, MOGO Media

My Story

My career in sound began with a passion for music. As a musician, I was fascinated by the intricacies of sound and the ways it could be manipulated to create different effects and emotions. This interest naturally led me to the world of production sound mixing. Over the years, I’ve worked tirelessly to hone my skills, adapting to the rapid advancements in technology and the evolving needs of the industry. I’ve had the privilege of working on a variety of projects, each presenting its own set of challenges and learning opportunities.

As I grew in my career, I realized the importance of passing on my knowledge and experience to others. This led me to become an educator, a role that allows me to share my insights and techniques with aspiring sound professionals. Through teaching, I aim to not only impart technical skills but also to inspire a deeper appreciation for the art of sound. My transition from musician to sound mixer to educator has been a fulfilling journey, one that reflects my commitment to excellence and my desire to contribute to the broader sound community.